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Stanford Designs is a name associated with excellence in the wedding industry. We cater to the bride's idea of her perfect day. Attention to detail is a must when designing flowers for such a momentus occasion. Whether creating a bouquet and incorporating a special jewel, heirloom or other item important to the bride, exceptional care is given to every aspect of the wedding. Please allow us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Joy Norton, owner of Stanford Designs, has many years of experience in the wedding industry. She has designed thousands of weddings, including a world-famous episode on the television series Dallas, "When Pam married Bobby Ewing at SouthFork Ranch." Also to her credit, Valarie Bertinelli's wedding in the made-for-tv movie "Pancho Barnes," about a pilot that flew with Amelia Earhart. Your wedding will be given as much attention to detail.

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